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1722 Donna Road
West Palm Beach, FL 33419
Welcome to the ENGINE REBUILDERS of Palm Beach
We specialize in Rebuilding Engines and Complete Engine Machine Work. We have over 40 years of
experience to meet the most demanding rebuilding requirements. We are proud to have been doing
business in the Palm Beach, Florida area for the past 20 years. We are committed to the highest quality
products and services offered in the industry.
As Your Vehicle’s Power Source
  • We provide quality work.
  • Over 100 years combined experience.
  • We are a complete machine shop.
We Make Sure the Job is Done Right the First Time
Your engine is the single most
important component inside your
vehicle. For this reason, the
condition of your engine plays a
major role in your vehicle’s
performance, longevity, mileage and
overall value.
Our engines are carefully handcrafted using
the highest standards, tolerances and
machine equipment. We categorically use
the highest quality parts, materials, testing
procedures, and assembly techniques for
every engine.
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